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Cocoa Graphics♥

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Cocoa Graphics ♥
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Graphics community: icons banners of multiple fandoms

Hey everyone and welcome to Cocoa Graphics ♥ ! I created this community because whenever
I get bored I start making icons for myself, and now I have so many that I thought I'd share
them I did have another icon community but I closed it 3 years ago. Now I'm back and I'll update
whenever I make new icons and graphics.
I do this just for fun so I may not update every week. Every icon and banner I make takes
work and I would like for everyone to be fair. Don't claim them as your own, because not
only it's dishonest, but it does hurt feelings, to me and every other icon maker out there.

Everyone can join and/or watch the community by clicking HERE and spread the love!


As in every other graphics community, there are some very simple rules that must be
followed so there are no problems :

♥ Credit whenever you take an icon.
♥ Textless icons are not bases. Do not modify.
♥ Do not hotlink! Or I will hunt you down and make your life hell! (: Save the icons in your own
computer or in any image hosting site (see important links section).
♥ Comments are love
♥ No hating in this community. Remember I do this just because I enjoy it.
♥ Request can only be done whenever I open a request post.


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Thanks a lot for watching and using my icons. Vicky. ♥